Night Classes

I am offering two night classes beginning in January. If you would like focused and attentive time behind the brush or charcoal, practical instruction and a convivial atmosphere, please join us!

Classes will be intimate, limited to 4-6 people.

Email or call me to sign up and reserve your spot!

802 299 9931

My Approach to the Portrait

Tuesdays 6-9pm, January 8th thru February 12th 
$360/six week class, $90 model fee.

A study in how to paint and draw from the model, exploring techniques that work from the outside in while developing details and likeness. We will work on both three hour and multiple-week paintings, directly interpreting and relating what we see.

~ Classes held in my Button Factory Studio ~

Introduction to Drawing 

Wednesdays 6-9pm, January 9th thru February 13th 
$360/six week class.

We will study values, proportions, edges and angles, exploring methods of seeing and relating through drawing the plaster cast. Working on three hour and multiple-week drawings, we will develop skills and an ease with the basic tools and vocabulary of classic draftsmanship.  

~ Classes held in my Button Factory Studio ~

Each week will begin with a brief recap and clarification of each student’s goals for the evening's class. I will paint or draw with you for some of the time so you can watch and ask pertinent questions. For the rest of the time I will visit each student and offer help, critique, exchange ideas and with permission, demonstrate.  

While definite themes emerge in each class, this more loose structure allows each student to pursue what they need most and take full advantage of the time, as we will get right to work!

Please email or call  with any questions and for more info. Once signed up I will send the details for what you need to bring and a suggested supply list.

Happy Holidays!

Alastair Dacey

802 299 9931

on instagram @alastairdacey